Thursday, May 30, 2013

Take me out to the ball game!

Miss Perchinski went to see Treyvon play baseball! He played 1st base and left center field. 
He also has an AMAZING hit! He managed to make it all the way to third base... a TRIPLE!!!! Way to go Treyvon!!

A few friends ran the mile at recess!

Miss Plummer set up a course to run the mile for those friends who wanted to try the mile at recess! Treyvon and Ny'Zir were two of our friends who participated!

Sleepy time!

My friend Umar fell asleep in a very silly position!! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anthracite Museum in Ashland

We learned a TON from our experts Mrs. Jones and Mr. Bennett! They were great tour guides through the Anthracite Museum. 

Train Ride

We saw some funny and historical places on our train ride. We saw fake legs in a pile of coal and an old bootleg coal mine!

Down Under!

We went down underground into an old coal mine. It was cold! We were 400 ft. underground. We got to see what it was actually like working in a mine. 

We're here!!!

We made it!!!

And we're off!!!

We left Cochran at 8:00am this morning. We are heading to Ashland, PA! Happy Field Trip Day! We're excited!

Getting Ready for the Coal Mines

Yesterday we learned all about coal! Mrs. Jones brought in her father's hat and lantern from the coal mine. Then we went to Mr. Bennett's room and practiced mining coal with chocolate chip cookies.  We are getting very excited for our field trip to Ashland, PA!